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Go out, stop dreaming and start flying! Because Maritimes are real! The blue of a sky interrupted only by the race of the clouds that slam against the snow-covered peaks ready to melt and become water that runs and dyes the meadows green, smells the air of flowers, sculpts climbing routes and descends to the valley in lively and rebellious streams so that you want to run, shout, stop, listen and finally feel alive.

Hiking and trekking

Let yourself be surprised by imposing and wild peaks in the heart of the natural park Alpes Maritimes.

Mountains "like kings" because much loved by Vittorio Emanuele II, who in the mid-nineteenth century declared them a royal hunting reserve making them one of his favorite hunting districts. Even today we can meet old chalets, buildings, hunting shutters and extraordinary mule tracks that go up the slopes of the many mountains over three thousand meters.

A true paradise for hikers with over seventy alpine lakes, characteristic mountain huts and a rich alpine fauna.


Let yourself be surprised by these imposing and wild mountains in the heart of the natural park Maritime Alps, in the footsteps of the pioneers of the late nineteenth century.

The climbing possibilities in Marittime are many, the excellent quality of gneiss offers classic routes, plaisir and numerous cliffs. Horn Stella, with its five hundred meters of vertical wall, is the symbol and continues to be a call for climbers throughout Europe. Finally it is worth spending a day on the adrenaline ferrata of the Funs on the limestone cliffs behind Entracque. On the peaks of the Maritime will remain speechless suspended between the Ligurian Sea on one side and the four thousand of the Aosta Valley on the other.

Are you ready to climb the most beautiful routes?


Experience the thrills of muscle and pedal assisted mountain bikes.

From simple tours along forest roads in the woods, to more technical ones on the trails that wind through alpine landscapes influenced by the proximity to the Mediterranean. The perfect combination of unspoilt nature, breathtaking views and unforgettable experiences.

You ready to jump in the saddle?


Enchanted atmospheres, magical winter landscapes, fairy-tale woods: an immersion in nature that regenerates.

Perfectly groomed cross-country trails with biathlon and fat bike trails. A small area for alpine skiing, ideal for children and beginners who can have fun and practice safely. Itineraries for those who want to approach the world of snowshoes in wild environments, where you can meet wild animals.

Are you ready to experience the emotions of winter on the snow of the Maritime Alps?

La Casa della montagna

A space to accommodate anyone who wants to live the mountain in its many faces, just like when you have to decide the way to go to the summit.

In the Mountain House you will find panels with QR codes, divided by types of routes, from trekking to climbing, a panel showing the huts in the Gesso valley, brochures and all the information material necessary to live your outdoor adventures.

There is also a smart tv, a printer, tables and chairs for smart working stations, or simply to share experiences and mountain photos, play cards or have a hot meal.

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